The Time Will Speak. And Speak. And Speak. And Speak. Collection:

September – December, 2014.

This collection of work represents a changing point in my life. I recommitted to painting and have embraced an approach where I let the work emerge layer by layer over time. I’m inspired by the local landscape– Portland, the Columbia Gorge, and the Cascade Range. I use that inspiration as a starting point, abstracting the bold, dynamic bursts of energy I see in the geology, the hills, mountains, rivers, ocean, and sky. As each painting progresses, I let it develop its own character. I balance any intense activity with elements that can stabilize the piece and retain some sense of serenity.

I enjoy the challenge of working with recycled and re-used materials. I hand build my canvases from used wood and bed linens, paint with discarded house paints, and use materials such as gravel, pine needles, and wood shavings to add organic texture and dimension. To frame each piece, I use a combination of new and used lumber.

Artist Bio: Michael Kurz is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Portland and the Columbia Gorge. He studied art with Margarita Leon and Mark Bornowski as a child and by age fifteen held a solo show of paintings and drawings at the Front Room Gallery in NW Portland. Michael went on to study film at the University of Southern California. After the unexpected passing of his Father in 2013, Michael was inspired to focus on fine art. He is currently living in SE Portland and painting in Mosier, Oregon. This is his first solo show since 2001.

Commissions: I do commissioned work and can customize one-of-a-kind pieces sized perfectly for your space.


Last - Latex painting by Michael Kurz



Slide: Latex paint on canvas. By Michael Kurz


Hold - painting by Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Hold

Bow - Painting by Michael Kurz


Hiccup: Latex paint on cotton. By Michael Kurz


Stretch - painting by Michael Kurz


Drift: Latex paint on fiberboard. By Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Drift


This piece is sold Lift

Shape - Pastel painting by Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Shape

This piece is sold Peel

Drive: Latex paint on cotton. By Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Drive

Handle - pastel painting by Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Handle

Trace - Pastel drawing by Michael Kurz

This piece is sold Trace

This piece is sold Sail

This piece is sold Wear

Bank-Latex painting by Michael Kurz.