1984  Born in Portland, OR

2006  BA University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts


2017 Borders Guardino Gallery, Portland, OR

2016  Summer 2016 Exhibition Eastbank Commerce Center, Portland, OR

2014  Time Will Speak. And Speak. And Speak. And Speak. City Club of Portland & Cafe Voila, Portland, OR


Cup & Bar – Current

Aviary – Current


Jan-Jun 2017, Clevenger/Hardy, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Jan-Jun 2017, Wilcox, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Dec-May 2017, Hamilton, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Oct 2016-May 2017, Warner, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Aug-Dec 2016, Binkley Beckman, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Jul-Sep 2016, Pray, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Jan-March 2016, Kurz, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Nov 2015-Mar 2016, Schoenbeck, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Jan-Feb 2016, Quirk, Commissioned painting

Jul-Dec 2015, Reichmann, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Sept 2015, Spieth/Wickman, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Nov 2014-Jul 2015, Hall, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Sep-Oct 2014, Hardy, Commissioned painting, Custom frame

Art Education:

Jun 2016 – Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass, CO, Representing color and light with Doran Langberg

Aug 2016 – Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass, CO, Nude as portrait with Jonathan Weinberg

Aug 2015, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO, Old master painting studies with Christian Rex Van Minnen

Jul 2014, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO, Color in dry media with Craig Drennen

Jul 2014, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO, Portrait studies with Ben Buswell and Ryan Burghard

Jun 2014, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO, Color studies in black and white with David Hornung




I am an artist from Portland Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge. I work in a number of mediums, oil, acrylic, latex house paint, and water color.

I am constantly exploring and enjoy the adventure of letting creativity and chance direct my process. This means that I often am teaching myself new techniques, researching new ideas, building on previous painting experiences, and allowing happenstance to enrich my art. It also means that, as much as possible, I allow the process to dictate the painting. So, while I may have specific plans at the beginning of a painting, in building up the layers one by one and sometimes peeling away elements and building them back up again, I often find myself (and the painting) far from where I intended. The unexpected direction that my paintings take adds an excitement to my work that I would not be able to replicate through exact precision. My goal in painting tends to be to reach a balance of formal beauty and expressive content, something that moves me and the viewer some.

Landscapes, especially those that I experience first hand are a starting point for many of my compositions. I take inspiration from all parts of life, however, and have increasingly found the human face and body to be particularly intriguing.

I show my art around Portland and at my Studio. Please contact me to stop by for a visit. I enjoy painting commissions Anything on my site can serve as inspiration for a new painting.

You can purchase work directly through me. Just send an email.

EMAIL: mike.kurz [at] gmail.com

Also find me on Tumblr or Instagram.




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